San Francisco ‘Paying Thugs’ Not To Shoot Each Other

San Francisco is making legislation that they will pay ten individuals $300 not to shoot people. An extra $200 is included for employment, school, or mediator in a situation that could lead to violence.

The big question is, how are they doing to track this? If it’s the same way they follow unemployment, it’s going to be a flawed system. Why should any tax dollars go toward a program like this? It isn’t “revolutionary.” It’s psychotic. In no way, shape, or form does handing criminals money stop them from committing crimes. It’s going to encourage them.

Remember when the eviction moratorium was a thing? Unemployment checks were rolling out at $950 a week across the country, and there were still people who “couldn’t pay their rent.” If the eviction moratorium showed the country anything about human nature, it’s that you can’t pay people to do anything. It just doesn’t work. If the moral fortitude isn’t there from the beginning, it’s not going to be there when $500 is added to their bank account.

The program is expected to start in October. San Francisco Mayor London Breed said that it’s an opportunity for universal basic income and to make sure that money isn’t a barrier to improving someone’s life. Universal basic income is absurd. You can’t take taxes from one individual and give them to someone else just because you want to. Life doesn’t work like that.

According to CBS 5 KPIX, “This is part of Mayor London Breed’s plan to start transitioning some policing dollars back into neighborhoods of color.”

That’s an enormous assumption. Until CBS 5 said that the funds would be going to “communities of color,” there wasn’t a racial incentive, but since the cats are out of the bag, let’s talk about it.

According to the Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Statistics, White Americans commit 45.9% of nonfatal violent crimes and 38.7% of nonfatal violent crimes, excluding other assaults. In comparison, Black Americans make up 33% of nonfatal violent crimes and 36.1 nonfatal violent crimes, excluding other assaults.

To say out loud that the money is only going to communities of color is assuming that Black Americans are violent and out of control and White Americans aren’t. It isn’t the case. Yes, statistically, Black Americans make up a more significant percentage based on population size, but culture comes down to.

Poverty is the most significant predictor of criminal activity. That’s regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, religion, etc. Investing in areas of poverty would be a great way to make changes in people’s lives. Remember, ten individuals receive $500 a month, so why not spend $5,000 a month in funds to neighborhoods well below the poverty line? That would give them the ability to affect children before they commit crimes, not after.