Russian Invades Instead Of Calling It Off After Peace Talks

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy recently posted a video. His office in Kyiv, Ukraine, has sought an arrangement with Russian and Ukrainian authorities to negotiate a ceasefire. The meeting on the Ukraine-Belarus border finished without a goal or objective. On Monday morning, the Russian military proceeded with hostile acts and bombing.

Ukraine said that level-headed discussions were consented to without preconditions. He also wants an immediate truce and withdrawal of Russian soldiers. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy affirmed Sunday that this is possible. Ukraine included Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov and a few high-positioned authorities in the delegation meeting with Russia.

Russia and Ukraine could not settle on a truce. Zelenskyy’s administration said they would have peace talks after getting time to analyze each other’s requests. Russian mediator Vladimir Medinsky said Russia needs each player to win as if this is a game.

Ukraine invited Russian businessman Roman Abramovich to negotiate peace. He is the owner of the Chelsea Football Club in the British Premier League. Zelenskyy dismissed Belarus as a puppet state rather than a location for peace. He claimed that Belarus was not unbiased. It is a launchpad for Russian tactical activities. Instead, he would meet in Warsaw, Bratislava, Budapest, Istanbul or Baku. Zelenskyy logically would prefer meeting in a country from where rockets are not being launched into Ukraine.

Belarus has changed its weapons policy and can host Russian nuclear weapons. As the conflict continues, more Russian military activity will lead to bunkering missile batteries and bases. Russia pushed Belarus into its corner.

Zelenskyy is now running toward the EU and seeking membership in the organization headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. He is speeding up Ukraine’s membership application to counter the foe on his doorstep. Zelenskyy has wanted to enroll in the European Union as quickly as possible, radically altering the trading block. Zelenskyy wants to accompany all Europeans in this economic union based on appeals to fairness and merit apart from his prior statements and lack of interest.

This week-long war was started by Russia, which has deployed over 230,000 troops and 1,200 tanks. While the exact makeup is unknown, we can assume that many are simply armored people movers at best. Ukraine has 125,000 soldiers bunkered down and 858 tanks, but only 105 are modern equipment. The rest are soviet era holdovers.

Russians have conquered 33,465 square miles of terrain in six days. It is a rapid advance. And any reported casualties are suspect, and like so many conflicts, will remain in dispute. Between 2,000-5,000 deaths per side is a reasonable estimate with the likely possibility that Ukraine has suffered greater losses.

Putin has increased the air attack on Ukraine. He has advanced to Kharkiv, the second-largest city in the country. It surrounds the capital Kyiv but has not penetrated the defensive perimeter. Russian rocket strikes in Kharviv caused severe non-military losses. Many civilians died and hundreds were injured. Kharkiv has significantly been attacked with rockets, with many residents seeking shelter in reinforced hideouts and underground bunkers. Blitzkrieg-style air assaults alarms are heard through the night.