Russia Imposes Absurd Sanctions On The United States

In the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russia has put sanctions on many prominent Americans for criticizing its actions.

Sanctions are serious measures in the world of international politics, put in effect to punish or reprimand states for harmful behavior. When the US imposes these sanctions on other countries, it has severe consequences. However, when other countries impose sanctions, they are not as impactful and can sometimes even come across as a joke.

The people included on Russia’s sanction list are President Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Jen Psaki, Antony Blinken, and rather unusual choices such as Mark Zuckerberg, Hunter Biden, Hilary Clinton, and George Stephanopoulus.

Almost all people on this list found the sanctions rather absurd and took to social media and other measures to make light of the measure. Hilary Clinton, in a sarcastic tweet, thanked the Russian Academy for the Lifetime Achievement Award.

On the part of the White House, they assumed the lack of “Jr.” attached to Joe Biden’s name meant Russia had sanctioned the US president’s deceased father.

Some people on the list had no prior connection to Russia or politics in the US in general. These names included the CEO of Linkedin, Ryan Roslansky; CNN’s journalist Bianna Golodryga; the CEO of Bank of America, Brain Moynihan; chief of staff at the Wilson Center, Eddy Acevedo, and many more.

Only a week ago, Russia lengthened the list by making sure every member of Congress was included. It was noted that most of these people had little to no influence on Russian policymaking in the US. However, most of the congress leaders joked about their experience online.

Many noted how these sanctions have little to no impact on the people who had been called out. They weren’t looking to travel to Russia for vacation nor were they investing in any property there. Although, one can’t say much about Hunter Biden’s business intentions.

For most of the sanctioned Americans, life continues as normal. However, anyone can join the club if tweeting against Russia is all it takes to get sanctioned.