Rumors Of A Huge Imminent Vacancy Are Circulating On Capitol Hill

Interesting things are happening on Capitol Hill lately as there are reports that there will be high-profile confirmation hearings in the House of Representatives.

It’s interesting because they don’t usually conduct hearings. What they do is confirm Vice Presidents.

Chad Pergram, the Congressional correspondent, “has been hearing whispers suggesting there could be some new, high-profile confirmation hearings on the horizon in the House of Representatives,” according to Jesse Watters.

“Why is this such a big deal?” Watters added. Because the House does not confirm regular nominees but does confirm vice-presidential nominees, is this related to Kamala Harris in any way?

It could mean that Harris is pulling the 25th amendment on President Joe Biden, Harris is resigning, or Harris is being replaced. Any of the three would be an interesting turn of events for the country.

The dysfunctional nature of Biden’s administration is becoming too much. There’s talk of Jill Biden trying to get rid of Harris and Harris replacing staff members, and Biden isn’t mentally with us, so that speculation will fly. The best result is that the citizens get someone in charge who will reasonably lead the way toward the future.

“This is not to say that something is afoot here,” Pergram clarified, “but I always do my homework, especially about the process.”

So, Pergram says that the information is solid, but there’s not enough information to make a reliable prediction.

According to Pergram, “the Senate and House must confirm a vice president,” so it’s going to be an interesting show. If the infrastructure bill and Biden’s other massive spending is a look into the confirmation of a new vice president, buckle up, we’re in this for the long haul. Political shenanigans are certainly going to play a big part in the confirmations, and there are plenty of Democrats who now hold an essential role in the confirmation process. Republicans are also going to show some colors if assurances are necessary.

Maybe Hunter Biden will be confirmed as VP to his father’s administration. They already share a bank account. Why not share a presidency?