Royce White Is Running against Ilhan Omar and Hammering Left-Wing Globalists

In a House race that could shape up to be one of the more publicized in this year’s federal midterm elections, former professional basketball player Royce White is running against Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN).

White appeared this week on “Fearless” with Jason Whitlock to discuss the race and the “tragedy of black people” being used in anti-American politics along with President Donald Trump being used as a “scapegoat by the authoritarian church of LGBTQ.”

Whitlock asked White if establishment Republicans or MAGA Trump supporters understand the opportunity the 31-year-old first-time candidate offers to the national movement. White said that he doesn’t have any national goals at this point as he “just got here.”

He added that he wants to protect that which is most local to him, the Twin Cities. White did say that he is putting his priority on helping the “genuine nationalist-populist movement” from his home district in Minnesota.

White told Whitlock that he is not counting on national support from the GOP, as he sees a political “civil war on our side.” He noted that the true right-wing conservative movement is “under the umbrella of Donald Trump” while pointing out there could not be more difference between Trump and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

White said that he sees his duty is to say to Barack Obama, “We see what you’re doing when you try to equate Steve Bannon with Vladimir Putin.” He argued that Obama progressives want to make everybody who believes in populism above globalism into an “enemy of the state.” White said he is fine with leftists considering him to be one of the enemies, declaring, “I’m here for that fight.”

White’s campaign slogan is “No Lockdowns, No Mandates, No Apologies, No Sellin’ Out.” His website says America now faces an enemy that intends to “bastardize our citizenship” through globalism. He argues that Washington must understand how the global affects the local and “take a stand for God, Family and Country.”