Rochelle Walensky Goes Against Everything She Preached For Two And A Half Years

If you can’t tell by now, Rochelle Walensky and the federal government’s “medical experts” weren’t experts. They were politically motivated medical theorists. They dictated your life based on their completely incorrect theories on what COVID-19 would do and how it would affect you. It turns out that most of what they were doing was intentional and unnecessary. Thanks, Dr. Anthony Fauci. You’re a national disgrace.

Walensky interviewed St. Louis and said, “We at the CDC are only as good as our community public health partners, so when I travel, I want to see what’s working in community public health and what isn’t. And I want to hear and learn.”

So, Walensky wants you to believe that during the COVID-19 pandemic, she traveled?

Walensky advised not to travel and said, “I would just sort of reiterate the recommendations from CDC, saying, please limit travel to essential travel for the time being.” Walensky said this in March of 2021 when the COVID-19 vaccine was widely available.

Walensky’s job doesn’t require travel and a phone call would certainly be much easier and more efficient than a car ride or a plane ride that could infect an entire population with the 100% deadly COVID-19, right? That’s a bit contradictory and proves once again the “rules for me and not for thee” situation we find ourselves in.

Walensky is also confused about comorbidity and personal choice regarding COVID-19. While Walensky said, “If we had more health equity in this country, I think we would all be healthier,” she also said, “Nobody goes to the CDC guidance to say, ‘Can I have the fries at Shake Shack today?’ But that’s what they want from us at this moment.”

No, we don’t. Then again, not one time did anyone from the CDC suggest a healthy lifestyle and politicians like former New York Mayor Bill de Blasio lamented that you get free Shake Shack if you get the COVID-19 vaccine. That’s peculiar that Walensky would suggest that the public wants to hear that when a large portion of the public wants to hear, “You’re doing great, eat whatever you want, do whatever you want, we’ll make everyone else conform to your awful lifestyle and bad choices.”

Also, it’s worth noting that it seems that Shake Shack funds the federal government. That’s a conspiracy, but it’s worth noting how many Democrat politicians mention Shake Shack at this point.

Walensky continued, “We might be faulted for not making exactly the right decision at the moment, but I don’t want to be faulted for not deciding because that in and of itself is a decision.”

If you do the same thing repeatedly and expect different results, you’re an idiot. Our federal government has done that for the past two and a half years and censored, canceled and arrested people who disagree. Is that model behavior?

Remember that the entire Democrat party and much of the Republican party has pushed that the COVID-19 vaccine is your ticket to freedom and it’s perfect, but is it? No.

Walensky noted, “When the vaccine was first released, it was 95 percent effective. ‘Okay, here is our ticket out, so many of us wanted to say. Yes, we’re finished.’”

No, we weren’t. The COVID-19 vaccine wasn’t and still isn’t 95% effective. It doesn’t stop transmission or reinfection and is barely a vaccine. So, why did the federal government under President Joe Biden try to mandate it so hard? Because they want to control you. If they say it, then you must do it. Walensky is no different.

Then Walensky said they would lead with science, but that’s not true either. Where was Robert Malone? Malone was involved in the federal government, giving some skepticism to the narrative that was being created. Malone was thrown out as a crazy hack, but now we see that it’s almost 100% certain he was correct. Malone wasn’t and isn’t against the COVID-19 vaccine. Still, a certain level of uncertainty has to be given when considering a new vaccine that doesn’t have the long-term trials necessary for proper approval.

Walensky is an idiot.