RNC Plans Poll Watchers For 2024 Election

Republican National Committee (RNC) co-chair Lana Trump said this week that the RNC would send 100,000 poll watchers and a team of attorneys to observe the conduct of the 2024 election. The daughter-in-law of former President Donald Trump also announced a series of measures to help Republicans win elections in November.

Lara Trump said that the RNC would utilize the group of poll watchers and “over 500 lawyers” to “deploy” during the election. She said that the volunteers would be there to watch the voting process, the counting of ballots and be prepared for potential litigation.

“I believe if we have a free, fair and transparent election that there’s no question we’ll all be going to bed early on November 5,” she said.

“And we’ll go to bed knowing Donald Trump is our next president,” Lara Trump added.

The RNC co-chair made the comments during an event near Detroit, Michigan. RNC chair Michael Whatley said that the volunteers would be trained for the job.

“Our people will be taught to be respectful and non-threatening, but to also follow the law,” he said.

“Our biggest goals this year with the Trump campaign are to get out the vote and protect the ballot,” he said.

Both Whatley and Lara Trump’s words were well-received by the crowd. The Trump 2024 campaign is also seeking to build a large organization of volunteers ahead of the November election.

Lara Trump echoed her father-in-law with recent comments calling for Republicans to vote early.

The comments could help create a major boost for the Trump campaign. In 2020 many Republicans chose to vote on the day of the election. Many Democrats chose to vote early in person or via mail.

Lara Trump emerged as a key leader in the RNC after former RNC chair Ronna McDaniel announced her resignation earlier this year. The resignation allowed the former president to recommend loyalists to run the organization.

McDaniel received considerable criticism for a series of Republican losses during her tenure as chair.