RINO Liz Cheney Raked in Almost $1 Million From Bush and Texas Residents

It’s never surprising when elite politicians bring in lots of money. But now-defeated Rep. Liz Cheney’s (R-WY) latest money pile is turning heads.

Cheney is known for her hatred of Donald Trump and is often seen aligning with Democrats, which resulted in her recently losing her bid for a fourth term as a U.S. representative for Wyoming.

While poll numbers showed her way behind her competitor, that didn’t stop outside influences from trying to bridge the gap.

Cheney received almost $1 million from Texas donors, with one of them being former President George W. Bush. Another notable donor is political strategist Karl Rove, who worked in the Bush administration.

Cheney’s dad, Dick Cheney, served as vice president under Bush, who many conservatives have distanced from due to his questionable history.

The only other state that has donated more to the RINO’s race is liberal California, which obviously wants Cheney’s disturbing reign to continue. The state gave her $1.5 million.

The maximum allowed donation for a congressional primary is $2,900 each, which is what Bush and Rove gave. The total amount sent to Cheney from Texas totals approximately $950,000, according to The Houston Chronicle’s reporting.

Notable oil and gas industry executives were also on the list of donors. Dick Cheney is a former CEO of Halliburton, a leading energy company highly involved in D.C. lobbying efforts.

Federal Election Commission records show Cheney has received more than $15 million, which shows just how desperate establishment groups were, both Democrat and seemingly Republican, to get their candidate in.

Her challenger, attorney Harriet Hageman, is backed by Trump and brought in significantly less, with approximately $4.3 million in campaign donations.

Cheney lost momentous support when she joined one other Republican to sit on the House select committee to investigate the protests on January 6, 2021 — supposedly. She also voted to impeach Trump following a sham hearing. After she attacked Trump, he came after Cheney hard, aptly labeling her as a “warmonger and disloyal Republican.”

Cheney has vowed to see to it that “the former president never again gets anywhere near the Oval Office.” She has even talked about doing a 2024 presidential run herself, which the soon-to-be unemployed congresswoman is much more likely to pursue now.

Wyoming is a very conservative state; so, it came as little surprise that she lost her race. But establishment politicians and crooked interest groups are likely to keep Cheney around, in some role, for a long time to come.