Right-Wing Parties Make Major Gains In Europe

A series of right-wing parties won seats in the European Parliament during elections last week. The strong showing of the right-wing parties could be a sign that many Europeans seek the removal of migrants from the continent and disapprove of the policies of the European Union.

One of the starkest results came from France, where the National Rally Party under Marine Le Pen made major gains. The decision led French President Emmanuel Macron to announce national parliamentary elections.

Le Pen said that the French people had “expressed themselves” and that “this historic election shows when people vote, the people win.”

She said that she welcomed the election and that her party was “ready for it.”

Le Pen added that “we are ready to exercise power if the French put their trust in us in these new national elections.”

Le Pen promised to “restore the country to defend the interests of the French people.” She also promised to end “mass migration.” The candidate said that the party was “ready to begin the reindustrialization of the country.”

“To be clear, we are ready to straighten out the country, and we are ready to relive France,” Le Pen said.

After the results in a number of countries, the right-wing parties showed significant gains.

The election results came as a number of figures on the right have gained, including victories in a series of elections. Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and her Brothers of Italy movement won the most seats in Italy’s 2022 election.

There has been a significant amount of discontent from the public regarding traditional socialist and conservative parties. The disappointment appears to have garnered support for movements such as Le Pen’s party.

Recent polls showed that right-wing parties could make major gains in the near-term and next year. Former U.K. Independence Party leader Nigel Farage announced recently that he was returning to British politics, seeking a seat in Parliament under the Reform Party.

The Conservative Party is expected to lose its control of Parliament in next month’s election.