RFK Suggests Biden Should Step Down

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy said that should President Joe Biden’s mental acuity be limited, First Lady Jill Biden should consider asking him to step aside. The former Democratic Party primary candidate’s comments came after a flurry of criticism for the president following special counsel Robert Hur’s report indicating that Biden struggled with basic memory.

Kennedy said in a recent interview that if Biden “has the kind of cognitive challenges that the special counsel indicated he has,” a member of his family would “approach me and assist me in gently stepping down.”

When asked if that meant Jill Biden recommending the president step down, Kennedy responded “Yeah. I think she should.”

The independent candidate said on Fox News that Biden should show his mental fitness with an “open debate.” He called on the president to tell the country “what he’s gonna do about closing the border” and “about restoring the middle class.”

Hur’s report issued last Thursday did not recommend charges for the president for his alleged retention of classified documents. Despite the special counsel arguing that Biden’s actions were “willful,” he also decided against the charges following concerns that Biden could not remember simple elements in his life. This included the years that he was vice president and when his son Beau Biden died.

Furthermore, following the release of Hur’s report, the president held a press conference to defend his mental ability. The president said that he was the best person for the office.

The president also sparred with reporters and had some verbal struggles. Toward the end of the event, Biden confused the countries of Mexico and Egypt.

Furthermore, the report and press release also sparked a number of calls for major changes in the White House. Some requested that Biden not seek another term: the president would be 86 at the end of a second term and is currently the oldest president in American history in 81.

Some have called for the powers of the presidency to be handed to Vice President Kamala Harris under the 25th Amendment. There have also been other calls for the president to step down.