Researchers: China Has ‘Stunning Lead’ In Critical Tech Research

China, which is currently the world’s second-largest national economy, continues pursuing every possible avenue to overtake the United States in the near future.

One tactic clearly involves promoting the mastery of new types of technology that will likely dominate various aspects of our society for generations to come. According to recent revelations compiled by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, the communist nation is well on its way to achieving its goal of global dominance.

According to the assessment, China now has a “stunning lead in high-impact research” across 37 of the 44 influential disciplines included in the study. In many of these areas, which include research in the defense, energy, biotech, and space spheres, all of the top 10 institutions on the planet are now in China.

As for the U.S., it still holds a narrow lead in a few segments — including quantum computing, vaccinations, high-performance computing, and small satellites.

“Western democracies are losing the global technological competition, including the race for scientific and research breakthroughs,” the report explained.

Furthermore, researchers determined that nearly half of the “high-impact research papers into advanced aircraft engines, including hypersonics” released over the past five years originated in China, adding that the country “hosts seven of the world’s top 10 research institutions.”

Certain specializations like electric battery production and 5G wireless communication are on track to essentially become Chinese monopolies. Another concern raised in the report is that China’s advancements in quantum communications might allow the country to circumvent surveillance methods currently being used by Western countries including the U.S.

In response to the threat, the organization urged Western nations to work in tandem with each other to “rapidly pursue a strategic critical technology step-up.”

While President Joe Biden has been widely accused of treating China with kid gloves since his inauguration, former President Donald Trump recently announced a pillar of his 2024 campaign platform that would build on the tough action he took during his first term.

Rolling out his plan to increase tariffs on imported goods, Trump said: “Joe Biden claims to support American manufacturing, but in reality, he is pushing the same pro-China globalist agenda that ripped the industrial heart out of our country. Very simply, the Biden agenda taxes America to build up China. My agenda will tax China to build up America.”