Republican Takes Congressional Seat From Dems For The First Time In Almost 30 Years

Republican John Dunwell won a special election in Iowa. Des Moines Register says President Joe Biden has a 62% disapproval rating. Democrats will have to watch themselves if they think they can continue down the path that they’re on.  

Democrats held the seat that Dunwell took for 30 years until Wes Breckenridge resigned. Dunwell won with 60% of the vote, a startling percentage given that Breckenridge won the 2018 election with 59% and the 2020 election with 51.6%, according to the Des Moines Register.

More proof that Americans are tired of Democrats’ policies and control. Former President Donald Trump won Iowa in 2020, and Republicans are on track to take back control. It’s a sneak peek into the rest of the country as Republicans show their support, and Democrats seem to be swapping sides. Biden has indeed screwed up the country, and it’s much more noticeable now that some election results are coming in.  

He thanked voters and said, “Throughout this campaign, I have had the honor of hearing from so many of you, those who agreed with me and those who offered opposing viewpoints. I have learned so much and am eager to get to work representing every one of you.” 

Dunwell is a 10-year resident, pastor, and financial services representative and should be a great asset to the state.  

The question is, will Democrats even have a leg to stand on when 2022 are midterm elections coming up? We’re about to see Terry McAuliffe and Glenn Youngkin battle it out in the election boxes to give a preview of a more leftist state, and along with Dunwell’s victory, it’s going to give Democrats the impression they need moving forward. Democrats could stop their control and mandates or double down. There are only two options once the American people’s voices are heard through the election process.  

Let’s be honest, though. You know what’s going to happen. Biden and the other Democrats will continue on their destructive path, making the United States even worse than it is. Rising prices, supply chain issues, and many other factors will affect how Americans vote in the 2022 midterm, and Biden’s spending plans aren’t helping.