Republican Flips a Texas Democratic Stronghold Red In Special Election

Mayra Flores made headlines when she surprisingly flipped a Congressional seat that Democrats had held for a substantial amount of time.

A special election was held Tuesday, May 14 and Republicans celebrated taking the 34th Congressional District seat.

The lawmaker initially voted into the seat quit mid-way through their term to work for a lobbying firm. This caused a special election in which Flores garnished over 50% of the vote, which carried her to victory.

This specific district leans Democrat heavily, but this unprecedented win could prove to further the GOP’s popularity with Hispanic voters.

Breitbart News reported on Hispanic voters’ shift in recent years from the Democrat Party:

“In recent years, the Hispanic community has been slowly moving toward the Republican party as everyday voters — especially Hispanic voters — have become increasingly frustrated with one-party, Democrat rule in Washington, DC. With the Special Election coming up, a Republican organization is trying to take advantage of these gains — especially in South Texas — by dumping money and resources into these communities to get them out to vote.”

However, the fight is not done yet. The seat became vacant in March and Flores will take over until November, when she will face Democrat Rep. Vicente Gonzalez.

Fellow politicians such as House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Texas Governor Greg Abbott congratulated her on the win.

At 36 years old, she is younger than most politicians, making her stand out

Another thing that makes conservatives happy is that her husband is a Border Patrol agent and believes that proper border control is vital in keeping our country from crumbling.

With the border crisis getting worse by the day, Republicans are hopeful that citizens in border towns are fed up enough to start flipping seats red in order to get illegal immigration dealt with.

Many are hopeful that this is a sign that Republicans stand a chance of taking back the House this November.