Reports Indicate Americans Are Being Beaten On Way To Kabul Airport

President Joe Biden gave more remarks on August 20 about conditions in Afghanistan contradicted by reports from people there. In his appearance, he claimed that the Kabul airport is secure.

Biden added that the U.S. military is standing guard around the facility’s perimeter, and there are no problems for Americans trying to get to the airport.

Sasha Ingber, National Security Reporter for Newsy, reported on August 20 that the situation around the Kabul airport is deteriorating as Americans are being stopped and beaten while trying to reach the area’s safety controlled by the U.S. military.

Ingber cited sources providing that the situation in Kabul is rapidly getting worse, with Americans being beaten. One American woman carrying her U.S. passport was beaten twice overnight.

She also reported that other Americans have been injured and physically stopped from boarding planes. Her sources also told her that the Taliban is now explicitly targeting Afghans who have worked with the U.S., going door to door and executing some people. Taliban forces are reported to be searching vehicles at checkpoints looking for anything related to the United States.

On August 21, the State Department issued a new security warning telling Americans not to travel to the Kabul airport without individual instructions from a U.S. official. The sign noted security threats against Americans outside the gates entering the airport.

In addition to the uncertainty surrounding the truthfulness of the president’s statements about the current safety of Americans trying to reach the airport, there is no doubt about the self-imposed August 31 deadline to complete the evacuation mission.

Following his speech on August 20, Biden was asked if the deadline remained firm. He said that “the administration would make that judgment as we go.”

The concern is now substantial that when August 31 comes and goes, there will still be many Americans left in Afghanistan desperately trying to escape.