Report Claims American Weapons Abandoned In Afghanistan Went To Hamas

A recent report indicates that at least some of the weapons left by American forces in Afghanistan made their way to Hamas. The terrorist organization launched the deadliest attack in Israel’s history this weekend, killing at least 600 people and likely taking hundreds of additional hostages.

The report published by Newsweek indicates that at least some of the American weapons made it to Gaza. The news report cites an Israeli commander who stated that the weapons were now controlled by groups such as Hamas.

Footage from the attacks over the weekend often showed militants carrying AR-style weapons, which are generally produced in the United States.

The United States left billions in military equipment in the country, including at least one helicopter and a number of military vehicles. Following the withdrawal from the country, the Taliban could be seen holding victory parades with American-made rifles while riding in military vehicles produced in the United States.

In addition, weapons given to the Afghan National Army were also seized by the Taliban. The United States spent billions of dollars training and outfitting the Afghan military following the initial overthrow of the Taliban after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

During and after the withdrawal from the country, a number of Republicans criticized the Biden administration.

The resulting exit resulted in a number of Americans being left behind or killed. Thirteen American service members were killed in a suicide bombing while aiding the evacuation from Kabul International Airport.

The State Department announced that about 150 Americans were left in Afghanistan after the withdrawal. A more complete analysis indicates that the number may have been about 9,000.

Rep. Jim Risch (R-ID) presided over a House Foreign Relations Committee report that showed that only 6,000 of up to 15,000 Americans in Afghanistan prior to the withdrawal were removed.

Risch said, “Americans share outrage over how the admin. withdrew, & what that failure has done to America’s reputation. This morning I released a report that details what went wrong & why.”