Rep. Mike Johnson Requests American Rescue Plan Funds For Local Law Enforcement

Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) has formally requested President Joe Biden to allocate a portion of American Rescue Plan funds for local law enforcement agencies.

The American Rescue Plan provided for up to $1.9 trillion in federal spending and was signed into law by President Biden in March. The law allocated $350 billion for state, local, territorial and tribal governments to respond to the coronavirus crisis.

The Daily Caller obtained a copy of a letter Johnson sent to Biden on July 22, asking that he direct the Treasury Department to require a portion of disbursed funds to law enforcement agencies.

In the letter, Johnson states, “The Act sets aside $350 billion to assist state, local, territorial, and tribal governments in recovering from the side effects of the pandemic. The Treasury Department issued an interim rule giving these respective jurisdictions flexibility to use their shares of the funds as they see fit to support COVID-19 response efforts, promote economic recovery, and replace lost revenue for governmental services.”

“I respectfully request that you direct the Treasury Department to modify the final rule to specify that a portion of these funds must be devoted to law enforcement efforts in our states and local communities,” he continued.

Johnson asked that the allocation also provide that if a state or local jurisdiction does not make a designated distribution towards law enforcement, they must provide a written explanation why it is not necessary.

Johnson was supportive of local law enforcement in his letter, stating, “Law enforcement officers are self-sacrificing public servants who risk their lives every day when they put on the badge and go out into our communities. They require our support now more than ever as the needs of law enforcement reflect the needs of the people we serve.”

The Louisiana representative referred to the rampant crime ravaging many parts of the country in making his request. The Biden administration’s insistence that crime is down despite the statistics indicating otherwise runs counter to the facts as cited by Johnson. It is unknown whether the White House has made any response yet to the request.