Rep. Hank Johnson Arrested At A BLM Protest

Black Lives Matter proved to be a Marxist organization bent on destruction and reforming society as we know it, and not in a good way. Democrats spend 2020 defending the organization calling it peaceful, while America watches Black Lives Matter burn down cities and loot businesses.

Congressman Hank Johnson (D-Ga) was arrested during a Black Lives Matter protest of voter suppression. Voter suppression is the new term for “Show your identification to vote” laws. Johnson was proud of the accomplishment and tweeted, “I was arrested today protesting against Senate inaction on voting rights legislation & filibuster reform. In the spirit of my dear friend and mentor, the late congressman John Lewis. I was getting in #goodtrouble.”

How can these people be elected if they support an organization that employs slogans like “Pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon” during protests and riots? Black Lives Matter is a racist organization, and it uses injustice in the Black American community to further its profits and participation from other protesters. Black Lives Matter hasn’t proven it assists Black Americans with any form of financial benefit, although they advocate for individuals who have been wronged, in their eyes at least.

On Johnson’s website, there’s an interesting quote. It says, “For a year, the pandemic and economic crisis have devastated Georgia families and small businesses, but with the American Rescue Plan, Georgians will receive the urgent relief they need. I was proud to help pass the landmark bill, and now, I am proud to share the robust support that will soon be headed to Georgia families and communities.”

So Johnson agrees that the pandemic and economic crisis has devastated families and small businesses in Georgia, but stands with the very organization that helped create the chaos that ensued in 2020? Black Lives Matter protests helped spread Covid-19, with thousands of people grouped indoors and outdoors and some without masks, but Johnson is fine with that. Black Lives Matter looted and destroyed businesses in at least every major city in America, causing thousands to lose their business and financially suffer, but Johnson is also okay with that. This hypocritical congressman dares to praise himself for breaking the law in the name of “voting rights” but doesn’t hold anyone accountable for the destruction caused in 2020, and in fact, he stands with them!

It is a problem with politics and politicians in America. They blame everyone but themselves and those who caused the problem as long as it’s politically advantageous to their campaign. And when they are arrested or called out for their behavior, nobody above them holds them accountable. They should immediately be removed from office. The first amendment doesn’t allow for the destruction of property, businesses, and livelihood.