Recent Graduation Party Drives Home the Importance of Gun Rights

In the wake of two recent and tragic mass shootings, the push for gun control is back in full force. Democrats have made their views on firearms very clear; no one should be in possession of “weapons of war” or “assault weapons,” according to them

The argument against gun control continues to stand and be reiterated. Supporters of the Second Amendment have pointed out that the issue of mass shootings isn’t guns themselves, but the individuals who choose to pull the trigger.

Typically, the gun control crowd ignores people who make this claim. Although, a recent incident at a graduation party in West Virginia is one that can’t be overlooked.

A Good Woman With a Gun
In Charleston, 27-year-old Dennis Butler used Wednesday evening as the time to bring and unleash a rifle against people gathered for a graduation party.

What Butler wasn’t counting on, however, was for a female concealed carry permit holder to stop him from getting off any shots. Before yet another mass shooting could break out, the woman in question shot Butler with her handgun.

The graduation party also had children in attendance. Had this good woman with a gun not been in the position to stop this bad man with a gun, the outcome could have been very different.

Later, Charleston police officers praised the woman for taking measured and effective action that saved lives.

This incident out of West Virginia is a proven testament to the reality that the best defense against a bad individual who is armed is a good individual who is also armed.

Interestingly enough, Democrats and gun control supporters haven’t been screaming about this story from the rooftops in any capacity.

The Importance of the Second Amendment
No matter how many anti-firearm laws the left rallies for, criminals are still going to find a way to get their hands on weapons. If gun control was effective and truly cut down on crime, then the city of Chicago, Illinois would be the safest place in America.

There are countless law-abiding gun owners who would never even dream of committing mass shootings, but would gladly step up to save lives as this woman in Charleston did.

Stories like this are a reminder of just how important the Second Amendment is. This story should also be a cautionary tale of the danger that can follow if law-abiding citizens end up being stripped of their Second Amendment rights.