‘Read The Science!’: Rand Paul KNEECAPS Every ‘Snot-Nosed Journalist’ Who Accosted Him And Denigrated Natural Immunity

Rand Paul (R-KY) has been the most prominent advocate for medical freedom and has verbally slapped the s*** out of Dr. Anthony Fauci on more occasions than we can count in hearings and public comments.

Natural immunity to Covid-19 has been disputed for a long time, and as Dan Holloway, veteran and host of Drinkin’ Bros podcast, says, “It’s because it’s free brother,” when he was talking to Tucker Carlson on Fox News.

The push for the Covid-19 vaccination is a propaganda ploy to get people to allow the healthcare industry to use an unauthorized medical product and inject it into your body. It doesn’t sound very appealing when you say it like that, but when politicians and news outlets say, “It’s the safest vaccine that’s ever been made,” it makes people feel safe and gives them unnecessary confidence in the vaccine. While the vaccine has been shown to assist people with compromised immune systems and people 65 years of age and above, that doesn’t mean it’s the safest option for everyone.

Just look at the VAERS reporting system, and you can see that there have been some issues with the Covid-19 vaccine. You’ll have to look it up on Bing because Google seems to have it blocked.

According to the Center for Disease Control data, Covid-19 antibodies last anywhere from 8 month+ with natural infection, and many studies have shown the Covid-19 vaccine to have an antibody response for six months or longer. Foundation for Economic Education posted an article titled “Harvard Epidemiologist Says the Case for COVID Vaccine Passports Was Just Demolished” and suggests that natural antibody production far outweighs the Covid-19 vaccine and even protects better against the delta variant.

Paul is happy about this because he’s been blasted by colleagues and the media about his vaccine opinion, but that opinion just turned out to be a fact.

The article says that the Covid-19 vaccine was 27 times more likely to give a new delta variant asymptomatic infection than those with natural immunity. That means that for anyone who has had a Covid-19 infection, you’re better off than anyone who’s been vaccinated.

Vaccine Passports are not a waste of time, and as unconstitutional as they were before, they aren’t even practical anymore.

Just like masks, social distancing, the Wuhan lab leak theory, and Epstein being murdered, the Covid-19 vaccine “conspiracy” is no conspiracy any longer. So, what was all the censorship about? It turns out it was for nothing.

The White House famously teamed up with Facebook to flag misinformation. Still, they’ll have to retract the part about the vaccine being more effective than natural antibodies because now their message is misinformation. As with all science and medical discoveries, time will tell. And time keeps telling us that all conspiracies aren’t untrue. Some take a little longer to be proven.