Ramaswamy Declines Potential VP Slot

Republican 2024 candidate Vivek Ramaswamy told Fox News this weekend that he would not accept the nomination for vice president if offered. The news comes as Ramaswamy will have a share of the spotlight in the upcoming Republican primary debate.

Ramaswamy appeared to be riding on the news of two positive polls when speaking to host Neil Cavuto. The candidate said that had made significant progress and that “many of these people didn’t know who I was six months ago.” 

He likened himself to former President Donald Trump, saying that “neither of us does well in a number two position. I’m built to actually lead the organizations that I’ve built.”

The candidate said that he was in the “best position” to “reunite this country” and that he was “not interested in a different position in the government. Frankly, I’d drive change through the private sector sooner than becoming a number two or a number three in the federal government. That’s not about ego.”

The Republican’s comments come as he will be among the Republican candidates taking part in the first official debate of the primary season Wednesday. Ramaswamy may receive significant attention since Trump, the frontrunner, stated that he would not take part.

When asked directly by Cavuto whether he would turn down the vice presidency if offered, he said he would and that he would do so because his campaign was not “about my quest for personal power.”

The candidate’s comments also come amid a surge in one major poll. According to the Echelon Insight poll, the businessman is now in second place among potential Republican voters, outpacing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R). 

According to the survey, Trump took 55% of those asked, while Ramaswamy tallied 15%. DeSantis received one of his worst poll results yet, notching just 12% of potential GOP primary voters.

Earlier this month, a Kaplan Strategies poll also saw Ramaswamy in second place. In this poll, Trump also remained the clear favorite with 48% of the vote. Ramaswamy again came in second, this time with 11% of those polled, while DeSantis came third with 10%. 

The only other candidate that showed significant support was former Vice President Mike Pence with 8%.