Radio Station Fires Host for Kamala Harris Joke

To say that political correctness has careened out of control is an understatement. It has gotten so bad that comedians have stopped doing shows at college campuses for fear of blowback from lunatic students. The left repeatedly shows it does not have a sense of humor and is determined to interpret any ambiguity at all in the most negative light possible. Enter radio host Amber Athey.

She made a joke in a tweet about Vice President Kamala Harris’ all brown suit at Biden’s State of the Union.

Ms. Athey was not alone in crushing the VP for her fashion choice, but she is the only person who got fired for it. Sometime after the fact there were complaints that the tweet was racist. There could be a racist connotation to the tweet if you twisted yourself intellectually into a pretzel so the Radio Station that Ms. Athey worked for fired her.

There has never been an allegation of racism leveled against Ms. Athey in her career and the joke makes perfect sense if you are familiar with the UPS ad campaign that revolves around its brown branding. We live in a zero-tolerance world now, and even the whiff of an accusation is enough to get you fired or de-platformed today.

Ms. Athey put forth her own explanation for why she thinks she got fired. In an article in the Spectator, she surmised that her speaking out against teaching transgenderism in school awoke members of the left wing mob. Given that the Tweet was over a month ago this is a plausible explanation. The left has no problem combing through every single social media post you have ever made in your life to destroy those they disagree with.

One of the reasons there has been an explosion of conservative social media platforms is content creators becoming sick of tiptoeing around topics for fear of getting canceled. Cancel culture will be abandoned at some point in the future, as the movement is now starting to eat its own. Until that time, cases like that of Ms. Athey are the collateral damage of the cowardice of those in management.