“Race-Based” Supreme Court Nominee Is Headed Our Way

You know things are going wrong in the White House when the President’s pet is a significant topic of discussion. President Joe Biden’s presidency didn’t even start well. Controversy surrounded every decision that was made and for excellent reason.

The hottest news stories of left-wing media are which kind of ice cream Biden likes and his stern talking points. It is usually between his rambling, stumbling over words, and insults. Leaving the insults aside, Biden’s evident cognitive decline is a massive issue for the entire country and could stir up a completely unnecessary conflict.

Now that there’s a Supreme Court seat open, the White House was hoping for a Republican Senator to complain that they were seeking a race-based Supreme Court nominee. That’s the ridiculous thing to ridicule anyone for, and pure social justice politics. There are very few people who care about skin color. Those people don’t deserve to live in society. However, to paint any political party as racist just because they aren’t okay with a nominee to the highest court in the entire country based on skin color isn’t an accurate assessment.

If there’s a nominee with excellent qualifications, judges somewhat, maybe even sat as Attorney General for a state for a while, and is a Black American. Yes, please bring that nomination, and no, that’s not supported by Vice President Kamala Harris. Harris is only two of those things, a Black American and was California’s Attorney General. All of the other qualifications escape her purview.

Biden’s nomination won’t be that, though. A nominee will skip steps on the qualification process to push through. The White House will use the race card when they aren’t confirmed. It could even be a guilt-based confirmation which would be worse. Then we’re stuck with an underqualified race-based confirmation that will decide case law for the country. No thanks. Also, place any race in the “race-based” category, including White, and you’ll see that it’s unfair all around.

Then there’s the weak Republican stance. Republicans are known for being far too reasonable regarding nominees’ character. Although some are great at bringing up everything, they can not confirm a nominee. Notable Republicans would include Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), John Kennedy (R-LA), and others.

The truth is, Biden doesn’t have anything left. He’s tried everything to include the White House meeting with the press to get them to have more positive coverage of his administration. That’s not reasonable because they haven’t done anything to get good press coverage.