Questions Emerge About Paul Pelosi Attack

Earlier this week, Americans learned about an attack against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi.

Pelosi was reportedly attacked with a hammer in his home, leading to him being hospitalized and having to undergo extensive medical care. Since the incident, a man known as David DePape has been identified as the suspect.

After news broke of what happened, Democrats immediately began blaming Republicans. Joe Biden even claimed that talking points from conservatives are riling up people who may not be in the best mental state. Yet, Biden hasn’t applied this principle to his own charged rhetoric against Republicans.

However, in the days since the Paul Pelosi attack, more and more Americans are asking questions.

Unsettled Details About the Pelosi Attack
There are a lot of mixed claims emerging about DePape; for starters. Some reports allege him to be a far-right extremist who went down a Q-Anon rabbit hole. But other reports indicate the believed attacker of Paul Pelosi is a liberal nudist who has expressed support for communist figures like Fidel Castro and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). Many inquiring minds would love to get a definitive answer about what motivated DePape’s attack against Pelosi.

More questions are arising as to how DePape was able to breach the premises and have enough time to attack Pelosi so viciously that he needed ample medical care. With Nancy Pelosi being third in line to the U.S. presidency, she and her family should have extensive protection in place.

Some Americans are also raising questions about where protection officers were and what exactly happened when DePape got inside the home. Reportedly, the man was shouting “Where’s Nancy” repeatedly, something that protection detail for the Pelosi family would likely hear.

At this time, there are more questions than answers when it comes to how Paul Pelosi was attacked, what motivated this incident and why DePape was ever able to get as far as he did.

No Room to Pass Blame
Amid the Paul Pelosi attack, many Democrats seem to have forgotten how their own rhetoric inspires violence against conservatives.

Weeks, after Biden wrote off “MAGA Republicans” as anti-democracy and semi-fascist, a campaign volunteer for Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), was hospitalized, suffering extensive injuries and internal bleeding.

Before that, a GOP office in Central Florida was vandalized. The vandals directly quoted Biden’s “fascist” accusations by writing “eat sh*t, fascists,” on the office’s exterior.

The days and weeks ahead will hopefully reveal the full truth about the Pelosi case.