Public Trust In Mainstream Media Hits Record Low

Although millions of conservative Americans have expressed concerns about partisan biases in mainstream media, it appears that those misgivings have now spread across the entire population. A recent Gallup survey determined just how untrustworthy most people now believe traditional news outlets have become.

Roughly 1 in 10 respondents said they have “quite a lot” or “a great deal” of faith in the accuracy of cable and network TV news. The results were only slightly better – 16 percent – for newspapers.

In both cases, Gallup found that trust had dropped by about five percentage points since pollsters asked the same question in a survey last year.

When the results are broken down along partisan lines, it is clear that Republicans are the least confident in news coverage with just 5 percent saying they trust outlets of all types. While that number was 30 points higher for Democrats, it still represents a dismal result for an industry that was widely revered just a few decades ago.

It is worth noting that Democrats’ trust in the media has dropped by roughly 10 points in the 18 months since President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

An underlying cause for this widespread distrust might be found in the results of another recent poll. As Pew Research Center pollsters found, more than half of all journalists believe “that every side does not always deserve equal coverage in the news.”

In contrast, more than 3 in 4 Americans expressed the opinion that reporters “should always strive to give all sides equal coverage.”

Undercover video leaked this week purportedly reveals a CNN director admitting that the network’s objective during the previous administration “was to get Trump out of office.” He went on to describe climate change as CNN’s “next pandemic-like story.”

Jason Rantz, a conservative talk radio host in Seattle, Washington, reacted to the results of the recent poll with surprise that an even higher number of journalists don’t share the opinion that some viewpoints are not worth news coverage.

“Social media puts left-wing bias on display and now journalists are leaning into it,” he opined. “If you don’t tell both sides of a story, you’re no longer a journalist; you’re a publicist.”

Even as an admittedly biased opinion host, Rantz said he makes an effort to “give both sides of issues,” adding: “It shouldn’t be difficult for ‘objective’ reporters to do the same.”