Psaki Blindsided After Reporter Silences Her With Question About Biden’s Past

Looking back on the accomplishments of politicians can be an excellent determination for what their future will bring, but looking at their failures is just as important. President Joe Biden has a remarkable track record for crashing and burning. The fact that he stayed in his home for the majority of 2020 should have shown every citizen of the United States exactly what type of leader Biden would be.

Fast forward to mid-year 2021, while the Afghanistan withdrawal is taking place, Biden took a vacation, and Jen Psaki, his press secretary. Did anyone expect anything else? If so, then start paying attention and do a better job at judging the character of your elected officials.

Psaki was asked about Biden’s past, and she did a terrible job at responding. The reporter asked about the Taliban commander released from Guantanamo Bay under the Obama administration when Biden was Vice President. Psaki sidestepped the answer and told the reporter to ask the intelligence community to determine the individual’s actual identity. Psaki made sure to throw a jab at Donald Trump by mentioning that he released thousands of prisoners from Guantanamo Bay and said that the administration is watching closely and gathering as much intelligence as possible.

The most shocking part about Psaki’s answer is when she said, “I know there has been reporting on it, but that’s not my position to do up here,” referring to her position as press secretary. Yes, it is Psaki’s job to answer press questions. What makes her think it’s not her position to do so?

Biden’s entire administration and former President Barack Obama’s administration have to be embarrassed at their failure. The whole debacle makes Guantanamo Bay look like a daycare for adults.

The guy in question is Mullah Mohammad Fazl, a Taliban commander released in 2014 after spending years in Guantanamo Bay. Pictured below is Fazl’s booking photo and then Fazl in current time inside the Afghanistan Capitol.

Fazl is pictured on the far left and is now in a top leadership position in Afghanistan.

According to Department of Defense documents, Fazl was “A high risk, as he was likely to pose a threat to the US, its interests, and allies, a low threat from a detention perspective, of high intelligence value.”

So how did he get placed back in the Taliban leadership? Because of Biden and Obama. Sorry, Biden, but the buck doesn’t stop with you if this guy attacks the United States or its allies. The fault will be on Biden’s shoulders if that happens, and he won’t be able to run from the decisions he’s made.