Protesting Afghans Scream For Biden to ‘Stop Lying’

American voters are not the only ones who have had enough of President Joe Biden. Afghanistan erupted in protest after Friday prayers against the U.S. president, with some demonstrators even holding signs that read “Joe Biden, stop lying.”

Other creative signs included “Down with USA” and “America is a liar.”

What got Afghans upset this time was the U.S. drone attack that killed the elderly al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri earlier this month. Zawahiri was reportedly standing on the balcony of his Kabul safe house when two Hellfire missiles came racing in from a drone and ended his career.

The Taliban assured the U.S. in the 2020 agreement to remove American forces that it would not provide shelter for al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations.

It surprises exactly no one, however, that Zawahiri was found in Kabul.

For their part, Taliban leaders asserted they had no clue that the leader of al Qaeda was living out his life — temporarily — right under their noses. Then they did what has become common lately with President Biden at the helm of the ship of state. They threatened the U.S.

The jihadists warned Biden to “never repeat an attack on Afghan soil.” If further attacks ensue on terrorists that are not actually there, the consequences for their reaction will land at the feet of the U.S.

This edict from the newly named Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan came exactly one day before noon prayers ended. At least seven Afghan districts saw protests swell against the American action.

The U.S. ran them out of power two decades ago only to withdraw from the country on Aug. 15 last year. It was done in a bumbling and embarrassing manner that gave power right back to the Taliban.

Even more significant, billions in advanced American weapons were left for them to snatch up and use to solidify their power.

Perhaps they should have been thanking Biden for his actions. After all, 20 years of lives, effort, and money went up in smoke when the president pulled off the most stunning American withdrawal of military forces since 1973. And then he allowed thousands of unvetted Afghans into the U.S.

As Democrats have become fond of saying, elections have consequences.