Protester Calls For Murder Of Hamas Hostages

A pro-Palestinian protester held up a sign calling for the murder of hostages currently held by the Hamas terrorist group in Hamas. The sign was part of the raucous protests in New York City this weekend, which saw considerable shouting.

One man could be seen holding a crude sign that reads “Kill Hostages Now.” The masked man pointed the sign at marchers in Sunday’s Israel Day Parade in New York City.

Police had to separate the pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian marchers.

The incident took place after a number of anti-Israel demonstrations in New York City since the current conflict started late last year.

Hamas took several hundred hostages during the Oct. 7 terrorist attack in Israel which killed about 1,200 people. Some of the hostages were rescued by the Israeli military in the last eight months. During a ceasefire in November, Hamas released some of the hostages in exchange for Palestinians held in Israeli jails.

However, an effort for another ceasefire earlier this year fell apart after Hamas stated that it could not guarantee that a number of hostages were still alive. Since then, Israel confirmed the death of more of the hostages taken during the attack.

Despite these setbacks, the Biden administration pushed for a new ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

Israel previously declared its intention to destroy Hamas as an organization. The last major Hamas stronghold is in Rafah, in the Gaza Strip. President Joe Biden previously called an Israeli attack on the city a “red line.”

Despite this, Israel has seized a number of locations in and around the city, including an important border crossing with Egypt. Israeli tanks have also been seen in the middle of the city.

The Biden administration announced that it withheld munitions from Israel due to concerns over the attack. Biden himself said that he would hold more arms if Israel undertakes a full operation against the city.

Members of Congress asked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address the body in the near future.