Progressive Group Launches ‘Don’t Run Joe’ Campaign

A progressive Democrat group has launched a “Don’t Run Joe” campaign just one day after the midterm elections, urging the Democrat Party to ditch President Joe Biden and nominate a new candidate for the 2024 presidential election.

Wednesday’s “Don’t Run Joe” campaign comes just after Democrats performed better than expected in the midterm elections. While Republicans are expected to regain control in the House, the “red wave” that many were expecting did not materialize.

RootsAction is now urging Democrats not to make the “tragic mistake” of running Biden as their candidate in 2024 describing his presidency as being “neither bold nor inspiring.”

In a press release, the group claimed that there was a supposed “threat of a neofascist GOP” that had “become all too obvious.”

To respond to the so-called threat, they argued that “bold and inspiring leadership from the Oval Office will be essential.”

According to RootsAction, Biden is incapable of meeting those standards. The group also doubts that he will even be able to win reelection.

“Unfortunately, President Biden has been neither bold nor inspiring,” the press release stated. “And his prospects for winning re-election appear to be bleak. With so much at stake, making him the Democratic Party’s standard-bearer in 2024 would be a tragic mistake.”

The Vermont-based group went on to say that they would rather Democrats put forth a candidate who advances a “truly progressive agenda.”

Meanwhile, Biden has indicated numerous times throughout his presidency that he intends to run for reelection.

Most recently, he essentially stated that voters’ lack of confidence in his leadership has no bearing on whether he will choose to run again.

On Wednesday, when reporters spoke to Biden about exit polls that discovered that two-thirds of voters did not want to see him run for reelection, the president was asked whether that information would “factor into his decision.”

Biden responded that “It doesn’t.”

He was then asked what his message was to those voters who don’t want to see him run again, to which he replied, “watch me.”