Pro-Palestinian Protesters Picket Rosalynn Carter Memorial

Pro-Palestinian protesters chanted outside the funeral of former First Lady Rosalynn Carter’s funeral this week, calling for a permanent cease-fire in the war between Israel and the terrorist group Hamas. The incident took place after a number of high-profile protests that shut down traffic in New York City and defaced the city’s public library.

President Joe Biden and a number of current and former officials attended the tribute service for the recently-passed wife of former President Jimmy Carter.

The protesters arrived at Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, and called out Biden by name. Included in their chants was “Biden, Biden you can’t hide. We charge you with genocide!”

The tribute service took place to honor the former First Lady and her 77 years of marriage to the former president.

The event took place just days after other high-profile protests, including in New York City.

Last Thursday, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was briefly interrupted by protesters who glued their hands to the pavement.

Over the weekend, protesters mobbed central Manhattan and disrupted traffic. In one case, protesters burned an Israeli flag and dragged it along the streets. Some fo the protesters stated that supporters of Israel’s “days are numbers.”

The hundreds of protesters also entered into shops near Columbus Circle, causing the stores to close their doors. In another case, protesters took a sign supporting Israel and shouted at counter-protesters, prompting a police response.

The demonstrators placed pro-Palestinian slogans and a flag over a statue of former President Abraham Lincoln.”

The incidents caused a disruption at the American Museum of Natural History. The museum was protected by more than two dozen police as protesters chanted “One, two, three, four, open up the museum’s doors.”

Protesters in New York also blamed Biden for the violence in the Middle East, also accusing the president of “genocide.”

Separately, protesters defaced a dedication outside the New York Public Library to a Jewish donor and placed a Palestinian flag nearby. The damage cost about $75,000 in damage.