Pro-Abortion CBS Reporter Takes Position with Planned Parenthood

In a classic example of corporate media to activism revolving-door hiring, highly biased “abortion reporter” with CBS News Kate Smith has announced that she has been hired into a high-level position with abortion industry giant Planned Parenthood.

Smith announced in a tweet on Monday that she is going to work as Planned Parenthood’s senior director of news content. She said that she is thrilled to begin work on the new project.

Talk show radio host Erick Erickson replied that he remembered being criticized by reporters in the past for pointing out Smith as a “propagandist for the abortion industry.”

National Review’s Alexandra DeSanctis Marr replied by recalling a piece she wrote two years ago about Smith titled “Planned Parenthood’s Ambassador to CBS News.” Marr remembered that Smith identified herself as a reporter specializing in covering “abortion access.”

Marr wrote then that Smith is “not a reporter at all” but is an abortion advocate who uses her position with CBS to cloak her opinion-based writing with the impression that it was factual. She said that Marr’s work at CBS more closely resembled press releases for abortion industry providers than actual reporting.

Marr also said that Smith had an established track record of trading any objectivity for inside access to abortion organizations. She provided them “kid-glove treatment” in exchange for being provided the opportunity to interview top leaders and “scoop their briefs in court cases.”

Stephen Miller wrote on Wednesday in the Washington Examiner that if the corporate media wants to have conservatives stop calling out their leftist bias, they should “stop giving crystal clear examples.”

When Smith left CBS News, she tweeted that she can now be “candid about my own opinions on reproductive rights.” She said that “access to abortion is disappearing” for low income woment in the “South and Midwest.”

Miller noted that as soon as she left CBS her Twitter feed became filled with “dedicated pro-abortion narratives about fetal hearbeat bills. He also pointed out that Smith is now “in the service of her true passion,” being a blatant propagandist for the the abortion industry.