Presidential Debate 2024 – Trump SAVAGES Biden On and Off Stage

Trump vs Biden

Former President Trump appealed to voters saying, “The question every voter should be asking themselves today is not whether Joe Biden can survive a 90-minute debate performance, but whether America can survive four more years of crooked Joe Biden in the White House.”

The stop in Chesapeake was Trump’s first public appearance since his debate with President Biden. Addressing a crowd of over 1,000 who had gathered in Historic Greenbrier Farms on Tuesday night, Trump said the country’s “single biggest problem,” was not Biden’s age or mental capabilities but his policies which he described as destructive.

On whether President Biden were to be reelected, Trump said, “Remember, the biggest problem for our country is not Joe Biden’s personal decline. It’s that Joe Biden’s policies are causing America’s decline at a level that we’ve never seen before.” This tunnel vision is wrong when it comes to Joe Biden.

Then he went out with a bang, calling on Virginia and voters across the nation: “That’s why this November, the people of Virginia and the people of America are going to tell crooked Joe Biden, ‘You’re fired.'”

At the same time, President Biden admitted on his campaign in Raleigh, North Carolina that “I don’t debate as well as I used to. I know how to do this job. I know how to get things done.”

Biden cast the election as a battle to protect democracy versus plunging into autocracy. “The choice in this election is simple,” Biden said. “Donald Trump will destroy our democracy. I will defend it.”

As Election Day draws nearer, Biden’s age and acumen remain on the minds of voters. Biden, the oldest U.S. president ever elected, is facing questions about whether he can or should serve a full term in power. He would be 86 at the end of his second term, while Trump will be just two years younger than that.