President Biden Is ‘Awake’ This Labor Day And Delivering Sandwiches To Union Members

President Joe Biden hasn’t struggled for a paycheck in his entire life. His fancy college education, which he lied about, and his lifetime political job have led him to become a millionaire. Biden’s son has become a millionaire, too, not in direct limelight on the political stage; Hunter Biden likes to play politics behind the scenes.

Joe Biden handed out sandwiches to union members on Labor Day, which should be a slap in the face to any hard-working American. America has worked through a pandemic and risked its lives doing so. Police, firefighters, medical staff, and union workers worked hard while Biden sat in his basement and got elected president. Now, unions are being pressured to mandate the Covid-19 vaccine, which hasn’t been FDA approved. The only FDA approval exists for a variation of the Pfizer vaccine that isn’t available in the United States.

If you worked through the pandemic, please take it as a badge of honor. You took a step many refused to accept. You were out there busting it to make money while others sat at home on unemployment. While you were, and still are, unappreciated, know that you kept the country alive, and we’re only in the economic position we’re in because of you.

Now that the butt-kissing is out of the way let’s look at the big picture.

Unions can be good for protecting jobs and bartering wage increases, but they’ve also been destructive. Unions have kept employees in positions when the employee should have been fired long ago. Teacher’s unions support teachers employed when they aren’t even working because they can’t fire them. The teacher will do zero work and get a paycheck. Police unions are there to protect officers from being unrightfully fired. Still, when it comes to bad police officers, they’ve been covered by the association because it’s more difficult to fire them.

Unions have a role in the Democrat party as well. Unions donate to Democrats way more than Republicans. According to Open Secrets, Labor Unions donated $10,165,061 to Democrats and $1,531,863 to republicans. This margin tells you everything you need to know about unions and where their priorities are.

It’s no wonder Democrats love unions. They get paid by them. Biden didn’t go out there because it was his heart’s desire. He knows that average Americans are getting sick and tired of him. At least Biden didn’t yell at the union members this time.

Ridiculous and insulting. Maybe that’s why Biden doesn’t take questions anymore.