Poll: Voters See Democrats As More Extreme

A recent poll showed that significantly more Americans believe that the Democratic Party is extreme in its ideology compared to the Republican Party. The polling result could reflect anxiety over a number of social and political causes supported by elected Democrats, including transgender issues and Black Lives Matter.

According to the Morning Consult poll, 38% of voters believe that the Republican Party is too conservative, compared to 47% who believe that the Democratic Party is too liberal.

The poll also found that 47% of voters believe that Republicans are better suited to run the government, with 44% choosing Democrats.

The recent poll result comes on the heels of an ABC News/Washington Post poll that placed former President Donald Trump nearly 10% ahead of his potential 2024 rival, President Joe Biden.

In a head-to-head matchup, Trump leads Biden 51%-42%.

This represents a significant increase in Trump’s support. In a May survey by the same pollsters, Trump was leading the president by a margin of 49% to 42%.

The poll found a low job performance sentiment for the president, with just 37% approving of Biden’s tenure in office, with 56% disapproving. Furthermore, 44% of Americans said that they were “worse off financially” during Biden’s time in the White House. Only 30% of the public approves of Biden’s job performance on the economy.

Furthermore, Biden received particularly low ratings for his handling of immigration. Just 23% of the public approves of the president’s performance, with 20% who “strongly approve.” Among prospective voters, 45% “strongly disapprove” of Biden’s job performance on border and immigration policy.

There was more bad news for Biden, as a greater number of Americans approved of the job that Trump did in office since leaving in 2021, at 48%. While 49% disapprove, this is sharply lower than the 60% who disapproved of Trump’s job performance before Biden’s tenure began.

In addition, when asked if Democrats preferred Biden or “someone else,” 33% chose the president and 62% chose the other option. Among Republicans, 54% supported Trump while 43% wanted another option.