Poll Shows What Americans Wish The FBI Would Be Investigating

The public expects the Federal Bureau of Investigations to be held accountable for their investigations. The FBI has been formed into a partisan investigation organization, more so for the left, that goes after whoever the Democrats want. The FBI wasn’t friendly to Donald Trump, and that pressure has been amplified after the January 6th Capitol Riots. But do American’s agree?

The FBI has charged 590 people from the January 6th Capitol Riot and even kicked in the door of the wrong citizens due to facial recognition software mistakes. While the FBI is a federal organization, some polls suggest the FBI should investigate the Black Lives Matter riots of 2020.

On fbi.gov, the FBI says, “The FBI has authority to investigate threats to national security according to presidential executive orders, attorney general authorities, and various statutory sources.” Where are you, Joe Biden?

Biden has an enormous interest in the January 6th riots because it would further ostracize Donald Trump from the political realm. And why wouldn’t he? That’s not a dereliction of duty. And what about Donald Trump? Trump sent federal agents to help cities mitigate the destruction, and the FBI Director said Antifa is an ideology, not an organization. Tell that to Law Enforcement agencies around the country who watched Antifa members set fires and organize destruction in their cities. See what they have to say.

Steven Crowder, a conservative YouTube personality, sent one of his team members undercover to see how Antifa worked and found that they had meetings before protests, handed out weapons, and were very well connected. So, the Antifa “ideology” is pretty organized.

The thing about Black Lives Matter is that they paid for Biden’s election campaign. Why would they want to investigate their voter base? That doesn’t sound very lucrative for re-elections. And, with the FBI in the Democrat’s pocket, what reason would they have to change anything?

The Democrats are on a path of destruction. If their information were honest, they wouldn’t have a reason to silence anyone. It would be suitable and backed by evidence, and anyone that had other opinions wouldn’t be taken seriously. But they’re taken very seriously, and it’s not surprising. The Democrats have been proven wrong on so many issues, but they continue to double down on lies that they’ve spread. The FBI will be held accountable, and it’s just a matter of time.