Poll: Most Americans Back Supreme Court Affirmative Action Decision

A significant majority of Americans support the recent decision by the Supreme Court to strike down the use of race as a factor in university admissions, according to a new poll. A recent ABC News/Ipsos poll found support for three of the significant decisions made by the high court this week.

When asked about the decision finding affirmative action unconstitutional, 52% of Americans supported the move. Conversely, 32% of the public disagreed with the decision. The Supreme Court’s ruling was supported by 60% of White Americans and 58% of Asian Americans. However, only 40% of Latino Americans backed the move with the same percentage against it, while 52% of Black Americans opposed the change.

The poll found that three-quarters of Republicans and 58% of independents supported the move. More than a quarter of Democrats, at 26% supported the decision.

A Pew poll released last month found half of Americans against the use of race and ethnicity as factors in university admissions.

According to the poll, just 33% of the public supported the use of affirmative action in college decisions, while 50% disagreed. 

When broken down by race, no racial background had majority support for using affirmative action. Among Black Americans, 47% supported its use, while 29% were opposed. Latinos were evenly split 39%-39%, similar to the results of the more recent poll. 

Among Asian Americans, 37% supported the use of affirmative action, while 52% disagreed. 

White Americans were 57% opposed to the practice, with 29% agreeing. 

Among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents, 74% disagreed with the practice, with 14% supporting it. For Democrats and similar independents, 54% support the use of race and ethnicity as factors, while 29% disagreed.

Furthermore, a plurality of the public supported the ruling against the Biden White House’s plan to forgive more than $400 billion in student loan debt using executive action. The poll found that 45% of Americans supported the decision, while 40% disagreed. 

Furthermore, 43% of Americans agreed with the decision in which a website designer could reject creating a site for a same-sex wedding, compared to 42% who felt the opposite.