Poll Finds Negative Opinion Of VP Harris

A new poll found sharply negative opinions of Vice President Kamala Harris as concerns regarding President Joe Biden’s health increase. The poll is consistent with others that found Harris to be viewed unfavorably by a majority of the American public.

A recent CBS News/YouGov poll found that Harris had an approval rating of 41%, below that of Biden. Furthermore, 59% of the public disapproved of her job performance.

Among independents, the numbers were worse for the vice president. Harris received a 31% approval rating from the group, while 69% disapproved.

Only 78% of Democrats and 10% of Republicans approved of her job performance.

Furthermore, the public reported not hearing much about her tenure in office, with a majority saying that they heard either little or “nothing at all” about her efforts.

Perhaps most troubling for the White House, just 18% of the public said that Harris being in the White House makes them “think better of the Biden administration overall.” This figure includes about 40% of Democrats. This compares to 42% who said that she made them think less of the Biden White House.

Of all Democrats, just 54% are satisfied with having Harris on the 2024 ballot as Biden’s running mate. Another 30% described themselves as “enthusiastic.” This figure is compared to 58% describing themselves as “enthusiastic” and 34% satisfied in August 2020.

Among Democratic voters, 16% said that they were either dissatisfied or “angry” over having Harris on the ballot a second time.

In the RealClearPolitics average of polls, the vice president is viewed positively by 36.8% of the public. This favorability rating is below both Biden and former President Donald Trump. Furthermore, more than 55% of the public views Harris negatively.

The vice president recently commented on the possibility of having to take over for the 80-year-old president during a recent interview.

When asked about criticism of her accomplishments, she said that there was “nothing new about that.”

She further said that Biden “is going to be fine” and that the ticket would “win reelection.”