Poll: Biden Loses Support Among Muslim-Americans

Recent polling and public statements indicate that Muslim Americans will not be supporting President Joe Biden for reelection, at least not at the levels they did in 2020. Such a shift may be minor in the national popular vote but could tip states with large Muslim populations, such as Michigan, toward former President Donald Trump.

A number of Muslim leaders traveled this weekend to Dearborn, Michigan to announce that they would not be supporting Biden for reelection. They base their argument on Biden’s support of Israel in its current war against the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

The effort has used the hashtag #AbandonBiden and intends to pressure the White House amid the current conflict.

Jaylani Hussein of Minneapolis, one of the organizers of the rally, said that American Muslims are watching “tragedy upon tragedy.”

“The anger in our community is beyond belief. One of the things that made us even more angry is the fact that most of us actually voted for President Biden,” Hussein said. “I even had one incident where a religious leader asked me, ‘How do I get my 2020 ballot so I can destroy it?”

Hussein called the Muslim demographic “powerful” and that they had “the actual votes.” He added that Muslim Americans would use their votes “to save this nation from itself.”

He did indicate that a lack of support for Biden did not mean throwing support behind Trump, instead saying that Muslim voters “have many options.”

In particular, there is a significant Muslim and Arab-American population in the suburbs of Michigan. Muslims make up about 3% of the state’s overall population. Earlier this year, the entirely Muslim city council of Hamtramck, Michigan, voted to bar the flying of non-city or national flags on public property, including LGBT pride flags.

Of Michigan Muslims, just 16% said they would vote for Biden if the election was held today.

With Biden’s narrow victory in the state in 2020, it is plausible that should Muslim Americans vote for Trump or simply stay home, the 2024 results could be very different.