Police Union President Predicts ‘Huge Drop’ In Cops On The Street From What Lightfoot Just Did

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is incapable of leading a stable city. Her job as mayor has led to thousands of lives lost and ridiculous mandates. Lightfoot went into the street and told kids to go home because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The kids were playing basketball. That’s it. They weren’t causing trouble, and they weren’t suspicious, just playing basketball.  

In Chicago, it’s more dangerous to be a child uninfected with Covid-19 than it is to be elsewhere and have the Covid-19 virus. Why? Because more children have been shot in Chicago in 2021 than have died from Covid-19 in the entire United States. That’s ridiculous. Lightfoot needs to resign immediately.  

It gets worse. Lightfoot is mandating city employees to disclose their Covid-19 vaccine status. That means that even fewer police officers are in the streets of Chicago, where it’s already bad enough if the police officers don’t comply. The Fraternal Order of Police said that this could cause a 50% decrease in the number of officers on the street, and the president is urging officers to stand their ground and go against the mandate to report their vaccine status. Good. Messages need to be sent to leadership in this country that we are a free nation and can make our own decisions. If leadership fails to recognize medical freedom, they need to backlash their choices and be held accountable.  

If you look at Southwest Airlines, they’re having to cancel flights and are in the process of reversing the mandate. If you read mainstream news, you’ll see that they’re blaming it on weather or anything else they can think of, but that’s not the case.  

Police officers across the nation have already quit or retired after the 2020 riots. If the United States keeps putting these officers under challenging places where they don’t have options, then the country will be left without defense.  

With the southern border in shambles and the federal government not knowing who is here and who isn’t, local police are necessary to divert criminal activity from locals and those who are undocumented.  

It seems like a systematic way of destroying a country. First, you make people desperate for jobs, then start taking away their rights little by little because of their fear, take away their security, and finally make sure there is surveillance in place for them to comply with every mandate you put in place. That’s the fall of a nation. 

Interestingly enough, the Fraternal Order of Police president said that his numbers are correct. Lightfoot doesn’t back down, the police force will be cut by 50%, and given Lightfoot’s consistent past, he said that it’s the same as it has been for the past two and a half years with Lightfoot “do it or else.”  

Other cities are facing the same decisions as Covid-19 vaccine mandates roll out. Because all of the accessible Covid-19 vaccinations are still under emergency use permission, the federal government cannot implement these laws at this time.