Pfizer Doesn’t Want Independent Researchers Accessing COVID-19 Vaccine Data

From the moment COVID-19 vaccines came out, controversy surrounded them. Many Americans pushed back against the notion that everyone should get vaccinated against a virus that’s 99%+ survivable for most people.

Others questioned the speed at which these vaccines were created and distributed to the general public. Then, when Democratic leaders and health officials began implementing and backing COVID-19 vaccine mandates, this sent up even more red flags.

These vaccine mandates did not stop COVID-19. However, they did increase the number of people losing their jobs, including members of the US military.

Once again, suspicions about these vaccines continue, this time due to a lack of transparency from Pfizer and Moderna.

What is Big Pharma Hiding?
The medical community, politicians, and others in leadership positions have repeatedly claimed COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective, and worth mandating.

Despite these claims, Pfizer and Moderna (two of the largest COVID-19 vaccine makers) are keeping COVID-19 data very close to the vest. They won’t even share this information with independent researchers.

The independent researchers in question are working on advancing available treatment options for COVID-19. However, completing this project involves having access to original vaccine data that currently exists.

What Pfizer and Moderna are doing doesn’t break any laws. However, it does raise reasonable questions about why they’re withholding this data from independent researchers.

An Explanation From Pfizer
While Moderna hasn’t released a statement about its refusal to assist independent researchers in furthering medical advancements, Pfizer has.

According to Pfizer, the company is currently doing its own research and will release appropriate data when it deems doing so to be the right call. Pfizer also directly admitted it’s not even taking applications that pertain to accessing information about its COVID-19 vaccines.

As Pfizer and Moderna refuse to be transparent about their vaccination data, many people are still having to fight back against mandates pressuring them to take these shots or lose everything.

Vaccine manufacturers who withhold information like this, even from independent researchers, shouldn’t be shocked when overall public trust in the medical community takes hits.

In spite of this, Americans will continue to see vaccine campaigns that encourage people to take boosters and various other shots from Pfizer and Moderna.