Petition Aims to Stop Illegal Migrant Licenses

Democrats have long been criticized for not just allowing illegal immigration, but also for putting through policies that actually encourage people to unlawfully enter the nation.

Amnesty, for example, is widely supported by Democrats who view it as a humane measure to help struggling people.

However, critics of amnesty have pointed out the unfairness this poses to legal immigrants, along with the permissive message it sends to people considering unlawful entry.

In Massachusetts, the Democrat-controlled state legislature passed a law that gave illegal immigrants the right to hold driver’s licenses. The bill was hit with a veto by Gov. Charlie Baker (R).

However, there were enough Democrats in the Massachusetts House and Senate to override the GOP governor. Now, the people of Massachusetts are launching a grassroots effort to stop illegal immigrants from being rewarded in this manner.

Everything You Should Know
The Fair and Secure Massachusetts petition has begun in order to have this law voted on by Massachusetts residents in November. This means that if enough people in the state vote against illegal immigrants having driver’s licenses, the law will be overturned.

However, in order for the law to be on the ballot this fall, 60,000 lawful Massachusetts residents have to sign the petition by Wednesday, August 24.

The Massachusetts GOP is teaming up with Fair and Secure Massachusetts in order to meet these benchmarks. Both groups agree that driver’s licenses should not go to people who have broken the nation’s laws by default via illegal entry.

Thus far in Massachusetts, reports estimate that hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants are residing in the state. Those who have driver’s licenses will face an easier time avoiding apprehension from immigration officials.

Part of a Greater Problem
As long as illegal immigration is being permitted by the White House, states will continue to struggle with this problem.

While many states don’t allow illegal immigrants to hold driver’s licenses, these communities are still facing unique issues that stem from illegal border crossings.

Texas, for instance, has been so overrun that it’s actually sending illegal immigrants to the nation’s capital via bus. Arizona, meanwhile, is also bearing the brunt of illegal immigration, due to the state’s proximity to the southern border.

To this day, Joe Biden remains supportive of amnesty and pathways to citizenship for illegal immigrants. For these reasons, states can expect to face issues with illegal immigration for quite some time.