Perfect Billboard Skewers Joe Biden In Wilmington, NC

President Joe Biden acts more like a trust fund kid than a President. As Sean Hannity said, “But he also inherited secure borders, and he also inherited energy independence, and he also inherited three vaccines and therapeutics like Regeneron.”

Like a spoiled child, Biden shifts blame and refuses to take responsibility for any of his actions. Americans are noticing, and some exciting products of hostility have emerged.

In Wilmington, NC, a billboard showed Joe Biden holding an ice cream cone while a military helicopter was airlifting people from Saigon in 1975.

The picture was posted by Drinkin Bros, a veteran-based podcast and former Facebook page that Jarrod Taylor founded as a veteran’s support group. The Facebook page had nearly 200,000 followers, but Facebook took the page down due to the algorithm mistaking jokes as “bullying.”

Biden has messed up. He is slowly losing his voter base as they see him for who he is. I mean, let’s face it, everyone has seen his record, and it’s not great. The only thing Biden brags about is his 1994 crime bill that targeted Black Americans.

As of August 18th, 2021, Biden has addressed the country one time since Afghanistan began to fall, and even then, he took no press questions.

The Afghanistan crisis shows you how people feel about women’s rights, war, and human rights as a whole. The Taliban isn’t a humanitarian organization, and if anyone thinks that, stop reading and research Afghanistan’s history. Nothing that’s happening right now had to have happened like this. American citizens and the Afghanistan allies were expecting to get out of Afghanistan since the exit date was September 11th, 2021.

That’s almost a month away from the time chaos began. Read that again Americans expected an entire month before the Taliban took over and are now stuck inside of Afghanistan. It’s insane. The world is watching, and Biden has lost it.

The Biden administration assured the world that the Afghan military was capable and the Taliban won’t take over. Still, reports of bipartisan warnings that the Taliban would seize cities and kill citizens were ignored. If you wanted to know what would happen, then the Biden administration should have asked the veterans who were fighting to get intel on the situation. Now, the Taliban has hundreds of thousands of American weapons, including tanks and Black Hawk helicopters.

Biden can’t turn this around unless he sends the United States military back into the country. It makes you think about how other countries will trust the United States moving forward.