People Online Calling Pelosi “Drunk” After Seeing A Video From Recent Press Conference

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi may be losing it, or she’s just drunk. “Think positively,” Pelosi said after babbling and looking around the room. Pelosi seemed happy but not very lucid as she scanned the room, stopping mid-sentence and saying “hi” to someone off-camera. Just before that, Pelosi said, “Thank you very much, it’s going to be a bebble? Kind of a day.” What is bebble? What does that mean?  

A quick search of the word “bebble” came up with an urban dictionary meaning to relax or calm down. Then again, Pelosi isn’t exactly the example for cognitive excellence. After Pelosi’s clear misspoken idiocy, she tried to put her mask on backward. That’s also a clear sign that Pelosi doesn’t wear the mask. If she wears it, then she would already know because muscle memory would have set in. There are slight variations in masks to fit someone’s face that she would have been able to recognize, but she didn’t.  

When Pelosi walked away, she was stiff as if she was doing a sobriety test blowing a .24, which is incredibly drunk for anyone who doesn’t know blood alcohol readings. A blood alcohol reading of .08 is usually considered legally drunk, and .24 is three times the point of legally drunk.  

In 2020 Pelosi stopped mid-sentence while speaking to an ABC News reporter and said, “Good morning, Sunday morning.” Her lack of self-awareness didn’t go well for her when she went and got her hair done at a salon that was forced to close because of Covid-19 restrictions.  

Just a few days ago, Pelosi was answering a question about the $3.5 spending bill being pushed by Democrats and responded with “It’s not about a dollar amount, the answer is zero” and held her hand up like a zero, or as some would call it the “White supremacy” sign.  

With all of this, it’s no wonder the Democrats can’t come together on anything. They have the Speaker of the House acting like she’s drunk in several press conferences and President Joe Biden looking at it. Biden’s dementia has gotten out of control, and if Democrats don’t fix their top leadership, then America is in big trouble. Not even the Democrats voted for this.