Pelosi’s Behavior Is “Troubling” After Announcement Of Re-Election

Ding Dong, the witch, is no longer alive, but is she gone? Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi doesn’t seem ever to leave; she doesn’t leave the stock market.

Honestly, Pelosi’s just drunk. That’s all there is to it. That essentially boils down to. Or, maybe she’s having the same symptoms as President Joe Biden. Perhaps she runs too much as Psaki suggests Biden does.

Pelosi was answering a question from a reporter about Build Back Better. It’s worth listening to.

“The other thing we’re getting or sending stuff to the Senate. Except for what we may have added in the last hour or so, most of the product that we’ve done is the Senate, to the bill, like hearing.”

There’s no way to interpret that competently. It’s bouncing around, giving zero confidence that we have solid leadership in the United States. Sadly, we can’t, but it’s the reality that we live in every single day.

Pelosi continued, “Bernie despises hearing. Excuse me, Bernie enjoys listening. Manchin does not want a hearing on the measure and all that other nonsense. Some are focused on the Senate, while others focus on family/medical leave. We reasoned that since they’re putting something in, we should be able to put something in, even if Manchin doesn’t like it.”

So, Pelosi’s thought is to put something in Build Back Better that Manchin doesn’t like so it won’t get passed? And Bernie likes hearing. Got it.

That’s not an answer at all. There’s a significant possibility that Pelosi has dementia. According to the Wexner Medical Center, “According to the most recent Alzheimer’s Association statistics, 3.5 million of the 5.6 million people aged 65 and older with Alzheimer’s in the United States are women, and 2.1 million are men.”

So, there’s a greater chance that Pelosi has Alzheimer’s than Biden. Think about that for a minute. Look at Biden’s state of mind and Pelosi’s.

There’s a big chance that Biden and Pelosi have Alzheimer’s. Two of the three most powerful positions in the United States government, yet both would be happier in a nursing home than where they are now. That’s the craziest situation, given the state of the world at this moment. Two possible wars, an economy that’s doomed, a supply chain crisis, the Supreme Court slapping you on the hand, and you can’t even remember what you did the day before. We’re not in a good place, ladies and gentlemen. The 2022 midterm election can’t come soon enough.

On top of all of this, Pelosi announced that she was running for re-election. There aren’t enough curse words that can be said for that move. Nobody needs Pelosi to be in power for any more time than she already has. Pelosi should have stopped 10-years ago, but she likes to make money on the stock market. That’s what it comes down to. There’s no other reason Pelosi would be running for office for another term.