Pelosi Requests Everybody To Cheer For Her After An Epic Fail

“We can applaud ourselves,” is the newest line from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi as she asks Climate Conference participants in Glasgow, Scotland, to give a round of applause for several people she asked to stand. Maybe they didn’t agree or thought she was drunk? 

Pelosi is arguably one of the most powerful women in political office due to her position. If the 25th amendment is used and President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are removed from office, Pelosi would be in charge. If you want to see a mass exodus from the United States, then keep an eye on that day. 

That’s unlikely to happen, but there’s always a possibility and a dangerous one. Pelosi is getting old, and some of her recent responses have been pure gibberish:

Always remember, “Bernie doesn’t like hearing.” 

In all reality, this should concern every American that the President and the Speaker of the House are in such cognitive decline. These are the people making decisions for you and me, and they need to be held to a standard of cognitive behavior that we can all find acceptable. It’s embarrassing, and some words can’t be written here that could better express the disappointment that Americans feel for the government as a whole right now. 

Pelosi is also in charge of the January 6th commission to investigate the riots at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021. Why would our governmental leaders be okay with this? It’s like a nursing home at the White House. They’re given a microphone and a script, and they lead the country. These types of mumblings aren’t normal and should be investigated more thoroughly.