Pat Sajak Has Become ‘The Greatest Troll On Twitter’ With Just One Tweet

The game show host has had enough with California’s policies that have led to the drastic decline in the state. The policies are Democrats’ doing, and Sajak just roasted all of them.

Sajak tweeted, “A Christmas message to my fellow Californians: If you plan to steal merchandise, please keep it under $950. This way, it’s a misdemeanor, and you’ll be less likely to be prosecuted. More importantly, there will be more left for others to steal. Remember, Christmas is for sharing.”

Generally, celebrities have to keep their political views private, but it’s 2021, and some have gotten more popular since they’ve come out of the political closet.

Even though some have blasted him, he gets plenty of roles and works with big-name actors with his face plastered on the front of movie posters.

The Hollywood Reporter said of a poll on Hollywood’s Chris that “there followed a deluge of responses that singled out Pratt as the unlucky Chris. The kinder users on Twitter pointed to Pratt’s acting as reason enough for him to be the ‘worst Chris.’ Still, as the poll went viral, his religion and alleged views on LGBTQ issues and his supposed conservative political beliefs became topics. To bash the actor.”

Even still, The Tomorrow War, Onward, Avengers: Endgame, The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, etc., have been wildly popular in theaters and not only because of a conservative audience.

Sajak isn’t a cancelable figure and has much more to give to the game show world, and so do others. Sajak also has his gender pronouns as “Him/he/you guys.” Classic.

Grunge reported, ‘it most likely won’t come as a huge revelation to find that Pat Sajak denies climate change, bashes liberals, and wallows in his lame attempts at sarcasm about vegans as vehemently as the legions of grandparents who still faithfully tune into the Wheel each weekday afternoon.”

The Hollywood Reporter also reported, “A host of daytime and early-evening shows, among them Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Family Feud and The Dr. Oz Show, had double-digit rating growth in the last two weeks of March (2020).”

Nobody cares about Sajak’s political views or others.