Party’s Own Pollsters Deliver Bad News For Georgia Democrats

Democrats clinging to fading hopes for the November midterm elections received another jolt this week as a new poll shows incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock trailing likely Republican nominee Herschel Walker by four points in a hypothetical matchup for Warnock’s seat in the US Senate.

Making the news even worse is that it comes via their own outfit that produced the numbers. Political groups are skilled in conjuring up polling results that “prove” they are winning, so this has to be doubly disturbing for Democrats.

Republicans need to gain one net seat to regain the Senate majority.

Poll Project USA shows Walker with a 49% to 45% lead over Warnock, a widening gap from most previous surveys that put Walker up by 1-2 percentage points.

Walker leads the polling despite trailing Warnock in campaign funds. The former University of Georgia football star has now amassed donors from all 50 states and his nearly $10 million war chest is the largest non-incumbent in the US.

Perhaps, even more alarming for Dems are the most recent numbers for President Biden in the Peach State in a poll conducted by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution hardly a bastion of conservative viewpoints.

The January survey showed only about one-third of Georgia voters, 34 percent, approve of the Democratic president’s job performance. It is not only a sharp decline from his 51% statewide approval rating last May but is eight points below the national average.

Further bad news for progressives who believe the state of being within their grasp is that the AJC poll came well before the economic turmoil of the past several weeks.

Far from being the battleground state that Democrats want to make it, Georgia is well on its way back to being a Republican stronghold. Stacey Abrams, the leftist darling who lost to current GOP Governor Brian Kemp in 2018, trails in a head-to-head rematch by roughly seven points in the same January survey.

Herschel Walker has a golden opportunity to lead the Republican congressional comeback, especially considering the bungling administration the GOP is up against. His campaign in recent days has condemned both Biden and Warnock for blaming the price of gas, eggs and bread on Russia as well as trying to make deals with a country whose motto is “death to America.”

Both former President Donald Trump and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell have publicly endorsed Walker, who has received praise for his honesty in revealing mental health issues decades ago. However, with control of the Senate at stake, leftists are attacking Walker for the revelations that previously merited accolades for bravery.