Parents Say Virginia High School Delayed Academic Awards For Equity Reasons

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Fairfax County, Virginia, reportedly slept on informing its students of certain academic achievement awards in the same of “equity,” missing deadlines for early applications at numerous colleges and universities.

Some parents have accused the school district of doing so intentionally as part of an attempt to create “equal outcomes for every student, without exception.”

Awards from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation were given to the school in October 2022 but were not received by the students until the following month, after many early applications were already submitted, Fox News reports. This resulted in many students not being able to display their awards on their college applications.

Fairfax County parent Asra Nomani, whose son apparently earned a Commended Student award in 2020 but allegedly was not notified as such before his graduation in 2021, joined “Fox & Friends First” Wednesday to discuss the matter.

“This year the entire controversy just blew up because the kids got their certificate, weeks after early college application deadlines, just dropped on their desks as if it was just another piece of paper,” she explained, adding, “this is another form of this race to the bottom that the schools are going through right now.”

“The school wanted to recognize students as individuals, not their achievements, as if the two had to be separated.”

The Virginia parent and author shared a video on Twitter of a Fairfax County staff member proudly explaining that her life’s work is to “ensure equitable opportunities and equal outcomes for each and every student” that she has or had the opportunity to work with.

Fairfax County Public Schools reportedly took responsibility for the late commemorations but said it has tried to contact numerous universities to provide an update on their students’ earned credentials.

“FCPS understands the hard work and dedication of each and every student who competes for college acceptance and scholarship opportunities,” the district said in a statement to Fox 5 D.C. “Once the issue regarding the fall 2022 notifications was realized, counselors sent emails and made follow-up calls to each college where these students had applied and informed them of the National Merit Scholarship Commendations.”

“We are continuing to look into this matter and will take any necessary steps to ensure consistency in appropriate and timely notification of National Merit recognitions going forward,” it concluded.

Nomani argued there is an issue of a “war on merit” that plagues the education system nationwide.

“It’s part of this agenda that’s dumbing down America,” Nomani said.

“This is important not just for this group of kids in this school, but for all of America because this war on merit is happening everywhere.”