Parents ‘Actually Care’ About What Their Children Learn And A Recent Poll Proves It

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell how parents feel about their school system outside of a tense school board meeting or a Virginia Governor vote that swayed heavily to the Republican side because of school issues. While those events are rare, there are times when parents can be forthcoming with information, and Rasmussen has given insight into the situation.

After the Rasmussen poll, it was clear that people aren’t okay with the “woke” messaging their kids are exposed to. According to the poll, 84% of voters said that slavery should be taught facts, and 81% believe that the founding principles of freedom, equality, and self-governance should be conducted. 72% of voters thought they should be taught with both in mind.

Most importantly, out of all of the questions is that “the United States is a force for good in the world,” where 64% of those polled said yes, 15% said no, and 21% said they weren’t sure. It’s not always that you get a “not sure” answer higher than the yes or no, but this seems to be the time it happens.

Then again, if the 21% were looking at the United States right now rather than in good times, it’s understandable to see how they could have a skewed view of the country’s direction. President Joe Biden hasn’t done well for the world and has largely seemed to encourage other countries to quarantine their COVID-19 patients and lockdown their citizens. Usually, when the President of the United States speaks, other countries listen and obey. Now, those countries see what it feels like to be on their own because Biden isn’t aware enough to form a sentence, much less to lead the country and the world.

The bottom line is that Critical Race Theory isn’t nearly as popular as the left makes it out to be. When you ask parents what they think, and they’re able to respond as a group, you get a complete picture of what they want rather than what you think they want.

Another poll by Rasmussen found that parents want to be involved in their children’s learning. When the poll asked, “Should parents be allowed to see all curriculum, books, and other materials in classes their children are taking,” there was an overwhelming “Yes” answer at 85%, “No” answer at 8%, and “Not Sure” answer at 7%. That means that almost all parents want the schools to be transparent with parents and their children.

The only shocking part of the results is that leftists don’t believe any of it, and they deny that parents feel that way. It’s illogical.