Omar Seeks ‘Negotiated Peace’ In Israel-Hamas War

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) said this week that there should be a “negotiated settlement” in the current conflict between Israel and Hamas. Her comments came as Israeli forces found the bodies of 40 infants murdered by Hamas terrorists, some of whom were decapitated.

Omar said that “just as we honor the humanity of the hundreds of innocent Israeli civilians and 9 Americans who were killed this weekend, we must honor the humanity of the innocent Palestinian civilians who have been killed and whose lives are upended.”

The Minnesota Democrat said that Israel has carried out the “route destruction” of “ancestral homes” in Gaza and referenced “violent attacks by Israeli settlers.”

“Palestinians have few recourses for justice and accountability. Attacks by the IDF and settlers against Palestinians are regularly met with impunity,” she said. “Efforts to seek justice in international courts are stonewalled by the Israeli government, with U.S. support. As the world is condemning Hamas’s attacks, we must also oppose an Israeli military response that has already taken the lives of hundreds of Palestinians, including nearly two dozen children.”

Omar further stated that the only “solution to this horror” would be a “negotiated peace — with Israelis and Palestinians enjoying equal rights and security guarantees.”

On social media, the representative wrote that the current actions by Israel in Gaza were “collective punishment, a war crime” and called on the United States to “oppose any violations of international law if we truly support a rules-based international order.”

Following the revelation of the massacre of babies in a small Israeli town, Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), a fellow member of the “Squad” with Omar and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was asked about the deaths.

Tlaib did not answer the question.

Ocasio-Cortez condemned a recent pro-Palestinian rally in New York City, which was organized by the Democratic Socialists of America, of which she is a member.

“The bigotry and callousness expressed in Times Square on Sunday were unacceptable and harmful in this devastating moment,” she said. “It also did not speak for the thousands of New Yorkers who are capable of rejecting both Hamas’ horrifying attacks against innocent civilians as well as the grave injustices and violence Palestinians face under occupation.”