Oklahoma Bill That Bans Abortion Has Cleared State Legislature And Awaits Signature Of Republican Governor

The state House of Oklahoma has advanced legislation according to which performing an abortion will be regarded as a crime in Oklahoma, as highlighted in the report by Associated Press.

Last year, the bill was passed by the state Senate and is awaiting the signature of Republican Governor Kevin Stitt to become the state law.

The GOP state Rep. Jim Olsen also reported that the bill also contains exceptions in order to save the life of a pregnant mother.

A person who gets convicted of performing an abortion will be looking at a fine of of as much as $100,000 in addition to a 10 year maximum prison sentence.

Olsen further affirmed that the consequences are for the one who performs the abortion, and not for the patient who is getting the abortion.

The pro-life governor of Oklahoma will most likely sign it into a law as previously he promised to sign all pro-life bills. Moreover, Governor Stitt’s twitter post from last year also reflects his views clearly.

The bill, according to the Washington Post, will be implemented into the law later this year. The Senate clerk’s office also claimed that if the governor approves it, the law would officially come into effect starting August 26 this year, as per the New York Times.

If the legislation sees a victory in courts, it would be a huge win for pro-life advocates.

Olsen also expressed his delight towards the pro-life cause and how this bill can help save the lives of unborn babies.

However, it all depends on the rulings by courts in the end, like the impending United States Supreme Court verdict in a case regarding a law in Mississippi which disallows abortions that are performed 15-weeks after the pregnancy.

The law is expected to save the lives of nearly 4,000 unborn babies every year.